Dear Applicant:

Congratulations for wanting to make a contribution to our community. If selected, you will enjoy the opportunity to work with interesting folks from a variety of backgrounds.

While there are no specific skill requirements to serve as an ARB member, having analytical and people skills are valuable assets.

It is important that you understand this may be a full-time commitment during the protest season, May through September. Vacations and other commitments are not considered valid reasons to be absent.

ARB members are appointed by the Local Administrative District Judge for two-year terms. ARB members are not employees of the appraisal district and are not eligible for employee benefits by virtue of their review board service. ARB members are paid a minimum per diem of $150 per day.

After we receive your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. If you are selected as a candidate to serve, you will be subject to a background investigation.


You can submit your application by email to taxpayerliason@tcadcentral.org or mail to TARB Application P.O. Box 149012 Austin, TX 78714-9012 or deliver to 8314 Cross Park Drive Austin, TX 78754

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